Good vibrations after Game 2

Yeah, we know Brian Wilson didn’t pitch in Game 2. But that doesn’t mean the Giants can’t feel some good vibrations after their 9-0 win over the Rangers on Thursday.

So as I sit here watch MLB Network’s replay of Game 2, I’d like to share some thoughts about why the Giants ought to be feeling pretty good about where they are right now.


If you don’t think that maybe the Baseball Gods are ready to smile on the Giants, just take another look at Ian Kinsler’s double in the fifth inning Thursday.
World Series Rangers _Mart.jpg
Here’s the link to Game 2 highlights where you can find a replay of the hit:

The ball bounced off the top of the wall and back to center fielder Andres Torres. So instead of a solo home run and a 1-0 Texas lead, Kinsler had to settle for a leadoff double. And then Matt Cain stranded Kinsler there to preserve the 0-0 score.

Kinsler gave the media the slip after the game, but Brian Wilson had this take: “I was thinking that wall was perfectly designed for tonight.”

Sounds good to us.

The next inning, Edgar Renteria takes C.J. Wilson deep, and the Giants led 1-0.


In World Series history, 51 teams have taken a 2-0 series lead, with 40 of those teams going on to win the World Series.

The last seven teams to take a 2-0 series lead have taken the Series and 13 of the last 14.

We mentioned after Game 1 that the Giants had won eight consecutive postseason Game 1s. What we didn’t mention was what the Giants’ record in Game 2 following those previous seven Game 1 victories. It was 1-6. In fact, going all the way back to the 1989 postseason, the Giants were 1-9 in Game 2s. But the Giants got the Game 2 win on Thursday.

After Game 2, the Rangers basically talked about how the Giants took care of business at their home park. So now it’s time for the Rangers to do the same at their home park. It’s a good theory, except for these numbers: The Rangers are 2-3 at home this postseason; The Giants are 4-1 on the road.


All of us in Giants Nation are trying to do our part to help the Giants win their first World Series in more than half century.

You know, wearing the same wardrobe, following the same routines, as long as they result in a Giants win. A little bit of karma goes a long way.

Well, you’ll be happy to know Giants announcer Duane Kuiper is doing his part.

Kuiper received a pair of “rally pants” from a Giants fan at AT&T Park who apparently owns the company that makes some of the garish pants that golfer John Daly wears.

Kuiper changed into the pants during Thursday’s Game 2 and shortly afterward, Renteria belted his home run. The Giants added an insurance run in the seventh, then blew through for seven in the eighth.

Mike Krukow, Kuip’s cohort in the booth, described the rally pants as orange, pink and white argyle-style.

The pants may not land Kuip on any best-dressed lists, but as Kruk said, “they’ve got runs in them.”


Well, regardless of what they have in them, keep wearing the pants, Kuip!!


One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    I agree with you in the aspect of the last two games….The Baseball Gods are smiling huge after watching both pitching duels and hitting barrages during the first two contests.
    Each game started like one of those stuffy Chess Club rooms before the rowdy kids came in and busted the game out with opportunistic moments and well-placed ground balls with eyes.
    But in the end, the Giants played to the Rangers weaknesses and took advantage. Plain and simple the G-men adjusted while the Rangers scrambled to find the right solutions to their woes.
    If this keeps up, not only will the Giants win the Tiffany trophy, but the MVP will be one of the bamd of misfits not even thought of as a candidate before the playoffs began….just like the Baseball Gods might have wanted.

    Rays Renegade

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