Seven good reasons why the Giants should win the World Series

1. Giants’ fans have suffered longer than Rangers fans have.

A lot has been made about this being a matchup of long-suffering fans. The Giants haven’t not won a World Series title since 1954 and have the longest streak of seasons played without a World Series title (56) behind the Indians and Cubs. The Giants have not won a World Series in 53 seasons in San Francisco. The Rangers are in their 50th season without a World Series title. But the first 11 of those seasons were played as the Washington Senators (Part II). And we’re guessing Texas fans weren’t agonizing over the losing seasons of the Senators before they came to Texas.

2. Giants fans have suffered through more postseason heartbreak than Rangers fans.

Before this season, Rangers fans experienced three ALDS losses  to the Yankees in 1996, 1998 and 1999. Two of those three series were over in three games. That’s not heartbreak. THIS is heartbreak: Losing the 1962 World Series to the Yankees when Willie McCovery’s line drive with two on and two out in the ninth sailed into Bobby Richardson’s mitt instead of over his head; Losing the 1987 NLCS when Candy Maldonado played a second-inning single by Tony Pena into a triple by trying — and failing — to make a sliding catch. Then he couldn’t throw Pena out on a shallow fly ball by Jose Oquendo; losing the 1989 World Series in four games to the team across the bay AND having your home city destroyed by a friggin’ earthquake! Winning 103 games (in 1993) and NOT making the playoffs, THEN MLB decides that more teams should make the playoffs (the very next postseason); getting swept in the NLDS to the Marlins and playing only one game at home, even though they had home-field advantage in 1997, THEN MLB decided that the team with home-field advantage ought to open the series with two at home (the very next postseason); Losing the 2000 NLDS to the Mets on extra-inning home runs by Edgardo Alfonso and Benny “Friggin” Agbayani; Losing Game 6 of the 2002 World Series (enough said); Losing the 2003 NLDS to the Marlins because sure-handed RF Jose Cruz Jr. drops a fly ball in the 10th of Game 3.

You can’t claim to be long-suffering fans unless you’ve actually suffered.

3. Bengie Molina is going to win a ring anyway.

The Giants have decided to give Bengie Molina a World Series ring if they beat the Rangers. So Bengie wins either way. Plus, Bengie already won a World Series ring at the Giants’ expense (Angels in 2002). That ought to be enough.

4. The World Series will be played on Halloween. 

Black and orange are Halloween colors, not red, white and blue. If the World Series were being played over Veterans Day, then it should go to the Rangers. They should pray for two weeks of rainouts.

5. The National League has home-field advantage for the first time since Bud Selig decided to be an idiot (and that’s a looooong time)

For the first time since Bud Selig decided to adopt the idiotic policy of awarding home-field in the World Series to the league that wins the All-Star Game, the NL team is playing Game 1 of the Series at home, thanks to Brian McCann’s game-winning double in July’s midseason classic. It would seem a waste of a perfectly good win for the NL.

6. Payroll

Sure, the Giants’ overall payroll of $97 million ranks 10th in the majors, compared to the $55 million of the Rangers (ranked 27th). But if you consider that $45 million of the Giants payroll is going to Barry Zito, Aaron Rowand, Mark DeRosa and Edgar Renteria, the amount the Giants are paying for good players is less than what the Rangers pay.

7. My daughter wins a candy bar from one of her teachers if the Giants win the Series.

Who would want to be responsible for taking a candy bar away from a 13-year-old girl?


One comment

  1. westcoastgirl

    I love this. All the reasons make perfect sense to me, especially the we’re-dressed-for-Halloween-and-you’re-not reason. 🙂 Here’s hoping your daughter wins that candy bar… and the Giants win the World Series!!

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