Martinez gets the call, not Bumgarner

The Giants made it official on Friday — Todd Wellemeyer was sent to the disabled list.

And despite the hopes of many Giants faithful, Madison Bumgarner did not get the call from Fresno. Joe Martinez did.

That will surely set of an angry torrent of comments online and light up the phones on sports radio, More Splash Hits is not going to get in line with the Bumgarner-now clan.

Bring Joe Martinez up now makes sense. Let’s explain.

For one, the Giants need some depth in the bullpen, and Martinez has experience as a long reliever. For another, the schedule provides opportunities for Martinez to come out of the pen.

At this point, Bochy indicated that Martinez will be used out of the pen, if needed, this weekend. But if the Giants don’t need him, we can expect that Martinez would be in line to pitch in Wellemeyer’s spot in the rotation on Tuesday against the Orioles.

Then the Giants have two off days in five coming up. That means the Giants won’t need a No. 5 pitcher again until June 26 at home against the Red Sox. In theory at least, if Wellemeyer only needs 15 days on the DL, he could return to pitch on the 26th. But we’ll consider that a long shot.

However, if Wellemeyer does not return by the final homestand in June, the Giants would be wise to leave him on the DL or on some rehab assignment until the All-Star Break. Starting July 1, the Giants embark on a 11-game road trip to Colorado (Yikes! We just had a scary vision of Wellemeyer pitching in Coors Field), Milwaukee (Yikes, we just had a similar vision) and Washington.

Now the Bumgarner boosters may still get their wish. If Martinez is needed in long relief this weekend, the Giants will need a No. 5 starter on Tuesday and it could be Bumgarner. He will start serving a three-game PCL suspension on Saturday, meaning that he could be available to get a call-up Tuesday and pitch for the Giants.

Our thinking is that the Giants hope they can throw Martinez on Tuesday. But then mark June 26 and a potential date for Bumgarner.


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