Surprise, surprise: Giants win

Isn’t it funny that just when things look their most bleak, you get an unexpected break.

That’s about the only way to explain the Giants’ 4-1 win over the Rockies on Wednesday.

Just when the Giants looked like they were again going to send their fans toward a Golden Gate leap, they put together an unlikely rally capped by a hit by their least likely hero.

It all started in the third inning when Buster Posey led off with the Giants’ first hit off Colorado’s Jeff Francis. Aaron Rowand promptly followed by grounding into a double play.

The next inning, Freddy Sanchez had a one-out single. Pablo Sandoval followed by hitting the next pitch into another double play.

In the fifth, Juan Uribe led off with another single. With Bengie Molina up, the Giants tried to avoid a double play, and then ran into one. Uribe was sent on a 3-2 pitch to Molina, who swung and missed — for Francis’ first strikeout of the night — and Uribe was hung out to dry.

Aubrey Huff’s follow-up single figured to only highlight the fact that the Giants’ inability to execute some situational hitting cost them another run. But the Posey followed with another single, and we were thinking maybe the Giants could salvage something out of this inning.

Then Rowand stepped to the plate.

First thought: Geez, not Rowand. Here comes another weak groundout or strikeout.

Second thought: No wait. Rowand’s not going to see a pitch to hit, with pitcher Matt Cain on deck and two outs.

Third thought: No wait again. Rowand is going to strikeout on three pitches WAY out of the strike zone.

Francis’ first pitch to Rowand was a fastbast in tight that Rowand took. Then I think we all knew what was coming next: changeup down and away.  But that’s not what Francis threw. Instead, he came with another fastball, belt high, right over the plate.

Rowand hammered the pitch to center for a two-run double.

The hit seemed to spark two other struggling Giants. The next inning, Sandoval delivered an RBI double to left-center. That was followed an RBI single by Bengie Molina.

And to think, it all started with a gift by Jeff Francis. Thanks, Jeff.


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