Much needed win for Giants, Wellemeyer

Well, the Todd Wellemeyer experiment worked. The Giants’ No. 5 starter had a solid outing against the Washington Nationals, snapping the Giants’ five-game losing streak.

Wellemeyer continued to pitch well at AT&T Park, even though he gets lit up on the road.

His next start will come Sunday against Arizona. But then the Giants really need to think about giving him a pass the next time his turn comes in the rotation.

The Giants have a day off on June 3, which will allow the Giants not to skip Wellemeyer completely, but to push his start back a couple of days. If he stays on turn, Wellemeyer would pitch June 5 in Pittsburgh. It would also mean he would pitch in the finale of the series in Cincinnati.

But if the Giants keep their other four pitchers on an every-five-day schedule, Wellemeyer would make only one start in the road trip to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

Of course, if he falters Sunday at home against Arizona, this whole plan may be moot.


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