DeRosa calls surgery ‘failure’

More Splash Hits has been shirking their responsibility with blog posts recently. But we’re ready to get back to work.

And there’s a lot to discuss. And we start with some disheartening news from Mark DeRosa.

DeRosa, the biggest of the Giants’ offseason acquisitons, has been struggling to hit above .200 this season, and we have a good idea as to why.

The Giants outfielder underwent wrist surgery last season and now calls that procedure a “total failure.” He will remain out of the lineup over the next few days as he and the Giants decide on the next course of action.

DeRosa says he’s been feeling numbness his his left hand for the last two or three weeks. That may coincide with being hit by two pitches from the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright on April 24. He hopes that with a few days of rest he’ll regain complete feeling in his wrist and hand.

There’s good reason to believe DeRosa’s current issues are related to those pitches on April 24.

On April 23, DeRosa was hitting .267. Since then, he has gone 6 for 48 (.125) with one double.

Although it doesn’t explain his complete lack of power. DeRosa has one home run and three doubles. His home run came on opening day in Houston.

DeRosa says he would not rule out another procedure. The question is how long would recovery take. If surgery means DeRosa’s season is over, then it might be better to wait until the end of the season and try to rehab the injury to keep him playing. If you’re talking a couple of months, then getting the issue taken care of now could be the better move.

Either way, it’s clear that right now, the Giants are better off with Andres Torres or John Bowker in the lineup than DeRosa. Hopefully some rest will allow DeRosa to at least become a productive hitter, even if doesn’t return to being the power hitting the Giants had hoped.


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