Giants’ hitting woes hit a new low

Padres 1, Giants 0

LP: Sanchez (1-1)

Record: 8-6, 1st in NL West, tied with San Diego


There’s just other way to put it, without engaging in a little French.

Or a lot of French.

The Giants’ inability to show any kind of plate discipline, or any time of clutch hitting reached an all-time low on Tuesday night in San Diego.

Jonathan Sanchez pitched his best game of the short season, maybe his best performance since last year’s no-hitter. He pitched seven innings, struck out 10 and gave up just one hit …. and lost.

Yes, lost.

Are you ready for the “highlights” from Tuesday’s fiasco?

  • In five of the nine innings, the Giants put the leadoff runner on base. And failed to score.
  • In four other innings, the Giants went down 1-2-3.
  • In the first, Eugenio Velez led off the game with a walk (the second time in four days he’s done that), but Edgar Renteria hit into a double play. Pablo Sandoval followed with a single.
  • In the third, Eli Whiteside led off with a double. Sanchez tried to bunt him to third, but Whiteside was thrown out a third. Velez followed with a single. Then Renteria his into ANOTHER double play.
  • In the eighth … the coup de grace! Nate Schierholtz led off with a triple to left-center .. and got stranded there. Whiteside grounded to third; Bengie Molina popped to first; Velez struck out looking.
  • In the ninth, Sandoval drew a one-out walk. Andres Torres ran for Sandoval. (That’s how desperate the Giants have become that they were taking out their best hitter for their worst hitter). But the moved looked to pay off with Aubrey Huff singled to center, sending Torres to third. Then Juan Uribe flied to shallow right. Torres did not attempt to score. Not sure why, given how poorly the Giants have performed in the clutch. If he’d gone, he probably would have been thrown out. The throw from right was on target, but high. Who knows? But Torres stayed at third. Then John Bowker struck out to end the game.

And how did the Padres score? Chase Headley had a leadoff single (the Padres only hit) in the fourth. He stole second (it was his third stolen base off Sanchez on the night). Headley took third when Huff made a nice play on a foul pop, but fell into the photographer’s well, sending Headley to third. Scott Hairston plated the run with a deep fly to right.

Can it get much worse than that? Well, we’ll find out Wednesday as the series ends with a 3:30 p.m. game. Do you get that feeling that Wednesday will be the day the starting pitching or the bullpen implodes under the tremendous weight the anemic offense is putting on them?

If there’s good news, it’s that the Giants still are in first place. We can only hope they still are when they leave their offensive black hole known as Petco Park. 




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