Another one-run loss in San Diego

Padres 3, Giants 2, 10 innings

LP: Affeldt (2-2)

Giants HR: Uribe (2)

Record: 8-5, 1st in NL West, 1 game ahead of San Diego

Well, Giants fans have seen this before: a one-run loss in San Diego. You’ll remember last May when the Giants were swept by the Padres in San Diego, losing all three games by one run, and in none of the games did the Giants score more than two runs.

And like we’ve seen before, what hurt the Giants was not the inability to get hits. It was the inability to get hits when they needed to get hits.

The Giants managed 10 hits on Monday night, same as the Padres. But when given the opportunity to put a crooked number on the board with a simple single, the Giants couldn’t seem to find one.

In the fourth after the Giants pushed across the tying run, they had the bases loaded and one out. But that rally was killed when Andres Torres grounded into a double play.

Yeah, double play. Like we have seen that before.

Torres continues to get the starts against lefties, even though he’s hitting .111. He went 1 for 4 on Monday. His only hit came when he was actually trying to sacrifice Juan Uribe to second in the seventh inning. But Torres’ bunt slipped past pitcher Clayton Richard and Torres reached on an infield single.

Nate Schierholtz then bunted the runners to second and third. And then the Giants did another thing we’ve seen too much.

Mark DeRosa came into to pinch-hit. All he needed to do was make solid contact. An outfield fly gets the tying run home. An infield grounder also does the job. The Padres were playing back. They didn’t want to play in because that would increase the odds of a single slipping past them and allowing two runs to score.

But DeRosa struck out. To make matters worse, Eugenio Velez followed with another strikeout.

The Giants struck out nine times Monday. They walked once.

The Giants are 1 for 16 with runners in scoring position in the past two games. After early-season success at the plate, the Giants have seemed to regress to the habits that kept them from being a playoff team in 2009. Having Aaron Rowand and Mark DeRosa sideline hasn’t helped matters.

The Giants desperately need to avoid another San Diego sweep. This road trip has started with three losses in four games. Things don’t get any easier when they return home, with six games against the Cardinals and Phillies. They’ll face Adam Wainwright and Roy Halladay.

Those guys are certainly more intimidating than Mat Latos and Jon Garland, the two pitchers the Padres will send out next against the Giants. Neither Latos or Garland are lefties, so maybe we won’t see Torres in the lineup.


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