Can’t blame this one on Zito

Dodgers 2, Giants 1

LP: Romo (0-1)

Giants HR: Uribe (1)

Record: 8-4, 1st in NL West, 2 games ahead of Colorado, Los Angeles and San Diego

Told you the Giants should have saved some runs for Sunday.

They only got one on Sunday, and that wasn’t enough. Usually, it isn’t. But on Sunday, it almost was.

Barry Zito pitched seven scoreless innings and took a 1-0 lead into the eighth on the strength of Juan Uribe’s home run. But Zito’s one-out walk to Garret Anderson (is there anything worse than a former 2002 Angel now playing for the Dodgers???) led to his exit from the game.

Sergio Romo hung a 1-2 slider to Manny Ramirez, and Ramirez pounded it for a two-run homer. And the Dodgers went on to win, 2-1.

As frustrating as watching the Giants only manage four hits off Dodgers pitching, there is one thing to take away from this loss — Barry Zito is pitching great.

In 2007, Barry Zito was terrible in April. In 2008, he was just as bad. But last season, Zito actually pitched well, even though his win-loss record didn’t show it. That’s because he got a severe lack of run support (kinda like what he got Sunday).

But Zito is 2-0 with a 1.86 ERA in April this season. Zito was a decent pitcher in the second half of the season in both 2007 and 2008. So if Zito is going this well in April, what’s yet to come this season.

We’ll take that as a good sign.

Time to move on from Dodger Stadium, and focus on winning some games in San Diego.

Matt Cain gets the call on Monday night against the Padres.


One comment


    Going into the dodger series,the Giants had an extra day off.Lincecum had his full rest and could have pitched the first game,Zito the second,and Cain the third.Wellenmeyer should have been by passed.If this had been done we would have won two games insted of one.I guess our manager can’t think that far ahead.After all we were playing the dodgers,who are the favorites to win the division.

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