Lincecum does it all

Giants 9, Dodgers 0

WP: Lincecum (3-0)

Giants HRs: None

Record: 8-3, 1st in NL West, 2 games ahead of Colorado

As More Splash Hits pile on the runs against the Dodgers on Saturday, there was one thought going through my mind.


The Giants pounded out nine runs and 12 hits and drew six walks. And that was great. But all the Giants needed was one run. All they needed was Tim Lincecum.

The Giants’ ace finished 3 for 4 with three RBI. Lincecum had three hits. The Dodgers only managed four hits off Lincecum.

It’s funny how back in March, we were all worried about Lincecum. Then, April came and he’s back to his old self. Of course, back in March we were all amazed by Todd Wellemeyer, and now …….

Saturday’s win was the Giants’ third shutout of the season. The first came on Barry Zito’s first start of the season in Houston. The second came Wednesday against the Pirates behind Jonathan Sanchez. And now Lincecum, who really should have contributed to another shutout on opening day if not for Brandon Medders giving up two runs in the ninth.

Medders almost did it again Saturday, putting runners on second and third in the ninth before getting out of the inning.

Only one other major league club has more than one shutout.

We only hope the bats stay alive for one more day as the Giants take on the Dodgers’ talented young left-hander Clayton Kershaw. Giant hitters have fared well against lefties this season.


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