Hey Toronto! Can we have Fred Lewis back?

Wonder if there has ever been a player who was traded for a player to be named later, and then that player to be named later ended up being the player originally traded?

Actually, it happened in 1962, when Harry Chiti was traded to the Mets for a player to be named, and then traded back to the Indians.

But that took two months to complete. The Giants need Fred Lewis back now.

As it happened, the Giants traded Lewis to Toronto on Thursday. On Friday, Aaron Rowand was beaned in the cheek by a pitch from the Dodgers’ Vicente Padilla. On Saturday, Mark DeRosa left the game early with a strained hamstring.

So Lewis was sent off because the Giants were flush with outfielders. Now, they’re short two outfielders.

Rowand was placed on the 15-day disabled list Saturday and he may be out three weeks. The Giants called up infielder Matt Downs from Fresno to take his place on the roster.

I’ve seen some chatter about why the Giants would bring up an infielder when they’ve got two ailing outfielders.

Well, for one, DeRosa’s injury is not thought to be serious. He’s day-to-day and hopes to play Sunday. For another, with Rowand out, Eugenio Velez figures to see more playing time. And Velez, like DeRosa, acted in ways like backup infielders. So bringing up Downs allows Velez to remain strictly an outfielder.

Velez started for Rowand on Saturday, and Velez did something that Rowand has been unable to do this season in the leadoff spot — draw a game-opening walk. Velez is swinging a hot bat, with two home runs and he’s batting .412. If he can keep that going, the Giants will be fine in Rowand’s absence. Also, with a lefty on the mound Sunday, look for Andres Torres to start in center with Velez in left or right, depending on whether DeRosa can go or not.



One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    The one (hopeful) silver lining in that trade might be the fact that a PTBNL is usually on that team’s 40-man roster. Who knows, you could get another of those talented pitching prospects that now have clogged the Jays farm ladder…or maybe a reliever like Scott Downs.
    But the reality is that if Fred Lewis goes out of the gate like gangbusters, then the player you will recieve might also go up in value to the Giants….And we know it will not be Lyle Overbay.
    Hopefully there will be a good ending to this scenario….But of course right now is it TBA.

    Rays Renegade


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