Lincecum looks to find control

Tim Lincecum pitched 5 2/3 innings against the Giants AA players on Sunday, and it’s time to play spring training good news/bad news.

Good news: Lincecum threw 95 innings, so he’s getting pretty close to being ready to start the season from an endurance standpoint. He also did not allow a run, gave up three hits and struck out six.

Bad news: He walked five.

Lincecum threw almost exclusively fastball and changeups, noting that he had been working on his off-speed pitches (curveballs, sliders) in previous spring outings. Now, he’s focusing on his fastball location.

“I need to get my fastball back,” Lincecum told “I’m not getting my arm ready for throwing a lot of fastballs. That’s where all my pitches work off of, fastball location.”

Lincecum spent most of his outing working on his mechanics. And he seemed pleased, but still noted there was room for improvement.

Lincecum should make his next appearance with the Giants on Friday against the Angels. His final spring outing should come on March 31 against the Dodgers.

To read more on Lincecum’s outing, click here.


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