Spring training: Indians 7, Giants 1

Giants fans who were hoping to see a Tim Lincecum-esque outing from Tim Lincecum on Tuesday didn’t get that. The Giants ace gave up four earned runs on four hits and four walks in four innings of works as the Cleveland Indians beat the San Francisco Giants 7-1.

Lincecum also struck out four Indians.
Things started well enough for Lincecum, as he struck out Cleveland lead-off man Trevor Crowe on three pitchers. After retiring Grady Sizemore, Shin-Soo Choo homered off Lincecum. The Giants right-hander ended the inning by striking out Travis Hafner on three pitches.
Lincecum says he isn’t worried by his spring results, which include an ERA of 9.39.
“A couple of balls just got away from me,” he told the Associated Press. “Other than that, I’ll try to take something away from this. My body still feels good. The velocity of my fastball is getting a little bit better. It’s coming out of my hand better. I know I had three or four walks, but it’s spring training.”
If fans want to see a scoreless outing from Lincecum this spring, there aren’t that many opportunities. Lincecum’s next schedule day on the mound in Sunday. But the Giants don’t want to subject their ace to a four-hour bus trip to Tucson, so Lincecum will stay in Scottsdale and pitch in a minor-league game.
That means Lincecum’s next scheduled start against major leaguers should come on March 26 against the Angels. And that would put his spring training finale on March 31 against the Dodgers, the day the Giants break camp and return to San Francisco.
Tuesday was a quiet offensive day for the Giants. They managed only five hits and went down in order in the first three innings.

Inside the box score

Kevin Pucetas continued to make a strong case for the No. 5 rotation spot by pitching two perfect innings, no hits, walks, runs or strikeouts.
Andres Torres was 1 for 3 with a run scored.
Edgar Renteria was 1 for 3 with an RBI.
Bengie Molina was 1 for 3.
Buster Posey was 1 for 3. He got the start again at first base.
Up next
Barry Zito returns to the mound as the Giants face the Oakland A’s. Zito sailed through his last outing against minor leagues, pitching four scoreless innings. 

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