Spring training: Mariners 6, Giants 2

Tim Lincecum gave up four runs — two earned — in 2 2/3 innings of work in his second spring start as the Giants lost to the Seattle Mariners 6-2.

Lincecum says he’s been struggling to master his mechanics in two uneven spring starts, but is not conerned with the results.
“Stuff wise, I felt like everything was good,” Lincecum told the Associated Press. “I think right now everything is just location. I just try to take something positive from each outing. My curveball was breaking really well, the slider was doing well. The change-up when it was down was good, same with the fastball. The only time I really got hurt was Ichiro’s (leadoff double). … The key for me is rhythm. My mechanics kind of follow that.”
The Giants also aren’t too concerned with the early results from Lincecum.
Here’s Moresplashhits’ take: It’s still March 10. Lincecum has been working on his curveball this season, so he’s going to spend these spring starts working on pitches and not necessarily getting people out. You can look at this outing and see the positives: He threw 59 pitches, so he remains on pace to be ready for the season opener. And he struck out four batters in 2 2/3 innings.
You’ll remember Lincecum came out of the gate in the regular season last year with a couple of uneven early starts before hitting his stride by mid-April, en route to a second Cy Young season.
No need to panic.
Inside the box score
Aaron Rowand was 2 for 3 with one strikeout. He’s hitting .444 this spring.

Pablo Sandoval had a double in 2 at-bats.

Mark DeRosa was 2 for 2 with a walk and an RBI

Fred Lewis and Andres Torres, two outfielders battling for roster spots, continue to struggle. Lewis was 0 for 3 (.176 this spring); Torres was 0 for 3 (.200).
Madison Bumgarner followed Lincecum by two earned runs in two innings. Most disconcerting were the four walks allowed by the youngster.

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