Freddy Sanchez deal analysis

The Giants started their offseason moves by signing 2B Freddy Sanchez to a two-year deal for a reported $12 million.

It’s a deal that his mutually beneficial for the Giants and Sanchez.

For the Giants, they were faced with the decision of picking up Sanchez’s $8.1 million option for 2010. After trading away prized pitching prospect Tim Alderson, the Giants were almost obligated to pick up that option. Otherwise, they would have traded Alderson for 25 games from Sanchez would have been viewed a huge bust for the Giants.

So given that, the Giants got Sanchez for about $4 million for 2011. That’s one way of thinking about it.

For Sanchez, he gets $6 million a season for the next two season. If he had ventured into free agency, it’s uncertain what he might have garnered, given he was coming off an injury-filled season.

Sanchez says he’s ahead of schedule rehabbing for the shoulder and leg issues that cut short his 2009 season. Sanchez averaged 150 games played from 2006-08, when he batted. 344, .304 and .271.

Assuming he comes back healthy, the Giants get a professional hitter and some continuity at second base they haven’t enjoyed in a couple of seasons.


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